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Become a Solidário!

Let's build our Solidarity Hub together!

We need your help in this new Solidarity Campaign!

Make your contribution and leave your legacy helping to make this dream come true.

This important multipurpose space in our Eco Social Center aims to unite education, environment and technology. It will have benefit around 2,000 children, young people and people from different communities, enabling:


- Onda Solidária´s projects: classes and activities (virtual and face-to-face)


- Educational and cultural exchanges between children, youth and volunteers from different communities in Brazil and worldwide.

- Work area connected to technology for our team and young leaders

- Space for the development of community projects focused on entrepreneurship and sustainability.

- Espaço ao ar livre para encontros, debates e atividades educativas

- Accommodation for project staff, volunteers and / or collaborators

Long-term impact:


- To enhance the scope and impact of our projects carried out with the local, regional and international communities.

- To inspire the creation of other Hubs in schools and non-profit organizations in various communities / countries.

- To develop new leaders who, with their ideas and solutions, positively impact their communities.

Contribute in any way you can - publicizing the campaign, acquiring quotas or sponsoring specific project costs (information below):

Suggested Contribution: (Exchange rate, 30/8/2020: US$ 1 = BR$ 5,38)

Bronze quota:    BR$   50,00
Silver quota:      BR$ 100,00

Gold quota:       BR$ 200,00

or sponsor one of the project costs bellow

We count on your help to make this dream come true. Lets make a difference !!



Or deposit in our account:



Childrens Aid                 
Barclays PLC                                                        
Sort Code: 206088                                                              
Account: 93896056                                      


Associação ChildrensAid / Onda Solidaria, CNPJ: 12.904.070/0001-53

Agência: 0213                            
Conta: 11170-8                           

Caixa Econômica Federal

AG: 1327

CC: 965-8 (Op: 003)

To mobilize campaigns, groups and to know more ways to collaborate please contact:

Solidário Hub.png

Initial step:

Structuring the area: Completed V


Dream / Project under construction


Bricks:      R$ 1.870,00 (2.200 tijolos) - GGP

Sand:       R$ 1.200,00 (15 m³) - Polimak

Gravel:     R$    500,00 (  5 m³) - Polimak

Cement:   R$ 1.760,00 (80) - Local / Construmil

Columns:  R$ 1.542,20 - Local / Construmil

Subtotal:  R$ 6.872,20


Slab:         R$ 3.600,00 - Pro Garcia

(81 M2 com sobrecarga de 200 KG M2)

Concrete:  R$ 2.640,00 (Concreto Oriente)

Subtotal roof: R$ 6.240,00


Doors:      R$ 1.799,80  (3)

Windows: R$ 3.676,50 (10)

Subtotal wood: R$ 5.476,30


Floor:                    R$ 2.018,01

Painting:                R$ 1.200,00

Glass:                   R$    610,00

Subtotal finishing: R$ 3.828,01

Labor (Approx.): Bricklayer and helpers, electrician and locksmith

Month 1: R$ 4.000,00

Month 2: R$ 4.000,00

Month 3: R$ 5.000,00

Month 4: R$ 5.000,00

Subtotal labor: R$ 18.000,00

Total campaign:    R$ 40.416,51

Amount collected: R$ 15.000,00

Goal:                     R$ 25.416,51

P.S: We are focusing the campaign to help in the items above, considering that the other necessary materials have already been purchased or are insured (eg: crockery, metals, electrical and hydraulic parts, etc.)

We will update the progress of the project and the amounts collected monthly.

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