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Become a Solidário!

Let's all build our Eco Olympic Village ! We need your help in this new solidarity campaign!

Collaborate in our Children's Day / Christmas campaign ! Make your contribution and let your legacy help build the Eco Olympic Village.

This important space in our Eco Social Center will serve about 500 children and young people, enabling:


- Weekly classes of various sports in the project Onda Esportiva Minas for children and youth 

- Educational and sports meetings for children and youth from the region, Rio de Janeiro and other communities.

- Events, solidarity tournaments and activities for children and youth from various communities.


Suggested Contribution:


Bronze quota: £ 10
Silver quota:   £ 20

Gold quota:    £ 40


We count on your help to make this dream come true. Join in!

To donate one or more quotas: 

Or deposit in our account:


Childrens Aid                 
Barclays PLC                                                        
Sort Code: 206088                                                              
Account: 93896056                                      


Associação ChildrensAid/Onda Solidária,CNPJ: 12.904.070/0001-53


Agência: 0213-5

Conta: 11170-8

Caixa Econômica Federal

AG: 1327

CC:  965-8 (OP: 003)

To mobilize campaigns, groups and to know more ways to collaborate please contact:


Eco Vila Olimpica.jpg

Initial Step:

Earthwork: Completed V

Step 1: 

Multi sports court: £ 23.000,00 (cost)

Criança Esperança support: £ 22.200,00 

Feijoada Solidária support:        £ 800,00

Total achieved V (Building starts in October 2019)

Football / soccer field: £ 10.000,00 

(total cost)

Grass, Agricultural Inputs + Specialized labor = £ 6.800,00

Sand: 28 trucks 6 M³ = £ 1.700,00

Water tank 10,000 Lts = £ 720,00

ydraulic Installation / + electric / irrigation = £ 780,00


We will update and share the progress and the funds raised every 2 weeks.

Steps 2 and 3: Future projects

  • Changing rooms

  • Multi sports court roof

  • Grandstand

  • Stage for presentations and activities


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